TDC Entertainment offers outstanding Dance Shows
Themed Statue  Proof Disco never died. This is another great example of a themed statue! Any of our  costumes can be used by one of our statues to add to your event’s theme.
Freeze-Pose Model                  Any of our costumes can be used by our freeze-pose models to add to the theme of your event. Imagine this model standing next to a sushi table during an around the world event!
Custom Themes One of the seven deadly sins! Each “sin” is a great addition to a decadant desert table or “Seven Sins” themed event! Whatever your theme, TDC Entertainment can create the perfect living décor for you!
TDC Entertainment, formerly The Dance Company's Red Carpet Dress
Body Paint      Wow your guests with models completely painted from head to toe. An brilliant way to enhance your guest’s  experience.
TDC Entertainment, formerly The Dance Company offers Living Decor
Zebra Carpet This 25 foot living carpet is a fabulous way to make a  mesmerizing entrance! Guests will love having their photos taken on the carpet and with our model!
The Dance Company, Toronto's Best Entertainment
TDC Entertainment, Toronto Dance

Living Décor

Living Décor is a great way to enhance your theme.
Choose from Statues; performers painted in silver, gold
or white, posing as part of a food station, Body Paint
Models, where performers are painted with theme
appropriate makeup and pose as accents, Freeze-
Pose-Models, dressed in to match your theme or Living
Carpets, our performers greet your guest, literally as part
of your décor! All of these options will enhance your
event and are sure to have your guests buzzing with
excitement. Shown is just a sampling of what the
possiblilities are!