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Performers / Entertainers

TDC Entertainment performs at over 150 events each year, and has an excellent
reputation for delivering quality dance performances, exquisite dance costumes,
professional entertainers, hosts / hostesses, greeters and specialty acts. We require
our members to display the highest level of expertise and maturity in their respective

We encourage only serious male and female applicants, 19 years or older, to submit
a recent headshot and resumé to:


If you are applying as a dancer, your name will be kept on file until an audition is
posted. Open auditions are usually held twice yearly. Although these are open
auditions, TDC Entertainment reserves the right to invite only the most qualified
pre-applicants (those individuals who choose to submit a resume prior to an audition
being posted) via e-mail.

Hosts / Hostesses and specialty acts
Hosts / Hostesses and specialty acts should also submit a recent photo and resumé
and will be interviewed and auditioned on an as needed basis.

Upcoming Audition Notice