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TDC Entertainment, Toronto Dance
TDC Entertainment

The Company
Our number one priority at TDC Entertainment is the client. We strive to deliver a fun,
stress-free and entertaining experience because that’s who we are as people and
as professionals. 

The Culture
At TDC Entertainment we foster a culture of creativity, entrepreneurship and respect.
We believe that superior performance is best achieved by motivated individuals who
work in an environment that empowers them to challenge themselves in the pursuit
of the very best performance.

At TDC Entertainment, we think in terms of quality. And we believe that each person
with whom we associate – colleague, entertainer or client – becomes part of a
special community that shares the same standards and commitment.

We have the very best performers in the industry, but that’s not the only reason we
are Canada’s best entertainment company. With hundreds of shows and years of
experience to draw on, we know how to create an experience like no-one else! We
expect the best from our performers and we deliver the best every time for our clients.

We are company, with a long-term perspective and a deep sense of respect
and obligation for the trust honored to us by our clients and our performers.

What you see is what you get. No need to retouch our photos to make our
performers or costumes look better they already look great! We believe that you,
the client, should know as much as possible what you can expect from
TDC Entertainment. The majority of our images are taken from real event experiences.